Danao – Offers the adventurous traveler eco-thrills such as: zip-lining, canyon swings and cable car rides. The park features scenic views of the Wahig River, lush greenery and mountains.

E.A.T. Danao is a tourism concept set up to benefit the municipality of Danao and its people. The tour involves responsible tour of Danao’s God-given gifts. It is the town’s major task to conserve these gifts and enhance them to sustain the well-being of all its constituents.

Danao offers unique and exhilarating activities in different categories set amidst verdant valleys framed by the majestic expanse of mountain ranges.

To trim down the choices for the individual tourist, specific activities were grouped into three: ExtremeEconomic, and Educational. So “E” stands for any of the three; “A” for Adventure; then “T” for Tour. All these activities converged in one place which the town calls the Danao Adventure Park.