Once called Isla de Fuego or the “Island of Fire” during the Spanish era, while famous for its mysticism, Siquijor is emerging to be the wellness capital of the South.

The island is the third smallest province in the Philippines with a total land area of around 340 squre kilometer.  Some of the island’s famous attractions includes a century-old Balete Tree. Saladoong Forest and Mt. Bandilaan National Park.

Explore Siquijor

Centuries old churches, caves, waterfalls, and white sand beaches are worth exploring.

The 102-kilometer coastline of the island of Siquijor plays host to the many wonders it could offer. Century old churches dotted the area that are functioning and bare witness to the lives of its citizens.

Worth visiting are thr 18th century San Isidro Labrador Parish Church, and the Lazi Convent, both National Historical Landmark; the miraculous “Black Maria” image of Santa Rita de Cascia at Santa Maria Church, and springs and waterfalls of Guiwanon Spring Park and Cambugahay Falls.

Siquijor is sorrounded by the islands of Cebu, Negros, and a litle further by Bohol. The inhabitant’s primary dialect is Cebuano.

Festivals & Faith

Owing to its strong faith and century-old churches, Siquijor celebrate it with colorful festivals.