Negros Oriental

Negros Oriental

Known for its rugged beauty and natural attractions such as Apo Island, a popular dive sites, and Mt. Kanlaon, the tallest peak in the Visayas and one of the most active volcanoes in the country.

Situated in the south-eastern half of the island of Negros, Negros Oriental faces the island of Cebu to the east across the Tanon Strait. Owing its proximity to Cebu, its population predominantly speaks the Cebuano dialect.

Oriental Beauty of the West

From the wonderful locals to the unforgetable tourist getaways as well as great food incredible hospitality – Negros Oriental must be in your bucket list.

A glimpse of the province’s colonial past can be seen thru the vestiges of Spanish structures in the province such as the Silliman University Ethno-Anthro Museum, St. Catherine of Alexandria Church, Dumaguete Belfry, St. Augustin of Hippo Church (Bacong) and the Central Azucarera de Bais.

The island and the mountain range

Characterized by low, grooved mountain ranges that comprises dormant complex volcano that the highest peak rise to approximately 2,000 meters while the other end touches the shoreline.