Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

The country’s “Rock-Climber’s Mecca” is in Cantabaco, Toledo City, in Cebu. More and more routes are being developed by a very active community of rock climbers. There are at least twenty routes with varying degrees of difficulty for first-timers and experts to discover at Cantabaco alone. More routes have been opened in neighboring Poog just in the vicinity.

Rediscover Central Visayas

These crags, with their intriguing limestone-streaked cliffs look out to virtual forest lands beneath them and the built-up townscape beyond. Conquering these natural walls are as much a visual treat as they are opportunities for intense full-body workouts.

Just as challenging and equally fulfilling to scale are climbing walls built by serious advocates in other parts of the region. Builds physical stamina. Lasting friendships, too.

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